Epic Day of Bass This Morning!

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Epic Day of Bass This Morning!

Post by Aroc11 » Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:47 pm

Made a last minute decision to head out on the bay this morning by myself. The decision to go out paid big dividends, literally! This was quite possibly the single best day of bass fishing I may have ever had on Rondeau!

Between 7 & 9 am I caught and released well over 50 fish in the 2-4 lb range. It was literally every cast. The best part is 90% of these fish were all caught on Topwaters! I would catch one, see a swirl, cast to it and get crushed! The area I was fishing was absolutely loaded with them!

Caught all my morning fish walkin the dog with a Lucky Craft Sammy.

The Sammy bite quit around 9:30 so I ran the channel and promptly limited out on some smaller 12-14 inchers on tubes and dropshots. Don't normally keep bass, but they were the perfect eater size and taste great coming out of that deep cold water so I thought why not!

When the sun got up around noon I went to the banks to do some hawg hunting. I flipped every piece of cover imaginable but couldn't buy a bite??? I guess the morning bite spoiled me a little bit! ;) It riddled me though because I was sure I was seeing signs of fish everywhere but couldn't get bit for over an hour. I was all but to the point of writing them off as gars or carp.

Just as I was about to give up and head home I picked up my frog just for chuckles and Bam! The bite was on again. Caught my 3 best fish of the day over the next couple hours before heading in.

A 4 1/4, a 4 3/4 and one that was well over 5! I estimate my best 5 would have went around 21-23 lbs or so with every fish over 4 along with that beast of a kicker. All the big ones were released alive and well to fight another day. Still grinning ear to ear. :)

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Re: Epic Day of Bass This Morning!

Post by bayroamer » Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:55 pm

That was a memorable morning!!

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