Another Great Day Saturday!

Let's talk Fishing in and around Erieau, Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay.
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Another Great Day Saturday!

Post by Aroc11 » Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:49 am

Took my oldest girl out Saturday Morning to try for some perch / crappie. Got into a few of them before they shut down pretty early. So we decided to go hawg hunting. It was kind of a backwards day though. Couldn't get them going on Topwater first thing like I had been. So I we started punching mats of grass, cane etc pretty well the thickest / heaviest cover we could find and caught a few decent fish.

The temps started to heat up so we beached the boat at seagull island and after a nice swim later in the morning we went over to hit the flats a little later when the wind picked up. Caught them good again with several more falling to a slow rolled 3/8 oz Firetiger Spinnerbait with a big #6 Gold Single Willow blade.

Our best action (with the biggest bites) however came at noon when we moved up shallow again. I was flipping some bushes / trees on the shoreline with a jig when I noticed a fish roll in a nearby mat of duckweed. Picked up the frog and it was game on!

Caught 3 right away that went between 3.5 - 4 lbs. Repeated this pattern in several other areas (that had the same ingredients) and had a fairly respectable day with several more fish between 2-3 lbs caught and released.

All in all we had another great day on the bay with a happy little girl who was proud of her daddy finding all those nice fish to catch and swim back to their mummys! :) Although...I think we caught and released some of those mummys too! :D lol

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