Rondeau Bay Fishing Reports

Let's talk Fishing in and around Erieau, Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay.
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Rondeau Bay Fishing Reports

Post by Aroc11 » Mon May 23, 2016 8:34 am

Good Morning All!

Seeing as how I am stuck here at work today and CAN’T get out fishing :( …. I figured I would put up a post to catch up on the recent successes we’ve had on the bay…


Crappie are running strong in the cuts and on Clearwater flats adjacent to the cuts.

In the cuts the best numbers were found in the deepest water possible adjacent to metal or wooden seawalls on the N / NE side of the cuts I fished. Caught them mostly jigging plastics and nose hooked dead minnows.

The key was to vary my depth every 4-5 casts. Most the time they wanted in 5’ down just off the bottom. Other times they would be on it just as it hits the water. So I would move up to a foot down and get a bunch like that in flurrys.

Red and pink jigs were the deal under slip floats.

On the flats, we basically just fished the edges of isolated weed clumps in 3 fow where there was a sandy bottom. If the weeds weren’t green the fish weren’t there. Variety of patterns worked, the key was moving around to find which patches they were holding around. Stumps / Boulders helped the cause if you could find that "perfect spot"! ;)

Don’t wait to get out, the gars and carp have moved in so the Crappie will be gone in a few days likely!


Haven’t actually fished for them myself but I was in Erieau yesterday spelunking around to see if any were biting and came across a number of people with jumbos in their pails. Usual spots in the marinas / behind fire hall. Worms and minnows were both working it seemed. Perch rigs was all I saw anybody using.

We also saw a number of boats out fishing the transition between dirty water and clear water anywhere from post point to behind fire hall. They all seemed the keying on that area where the dirtier water mixes with the cleaner water so that might be a factor. No idea what they were fishing for but they were definitely catching them as I could see the rods bending quite frequently!

I am also told that guys are also getting monster perch out in the lake but this is only a rumor at this point so I have no idea where to even start. However if there is any truth to these rumors, I’d think fishing behind McGeachy’s or out off the water plant further down is a good place to start.


Lots of pike being caught on the flats in the bay (and a few in the cuts also) especially behind seagull island. Look for stained water with 1-2’ visibility. If the water looks somewhat “turquoise” with new growth green vegetation and sandy bottom in 3-6’ of water that’s a great place to start! Big Gold Spoons, Buzzbaits and bright colored Spinnerbaits seemed to work best.

Hopefully you guys are getting this update from your phones out on the water today as she’s a beauty! Good Luck!


PS - I'll get some pics up a little later!

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Re: Rondeau Bay Fishing Reports

Post by EauBuoy » Tue May 24, 2016 7:32 am

Here's a pic I took a a person's catch at Southside Marina cleaning station. Hard to tel from this pic but those are nice big fillet!
May you have fair winds and following seas!

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Re: Rondeau Bay Fishing Reports

Post by B-Rye » Tue May 24, 2016 3:23 pm

I had a fun time shore fishing yesterday in Shrewsbury. Got into a mess of silver bass, had multiple double headers. Ended up with a few nice perch mixed in too.

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Re: Rondeau Bay Fishing Reports

Post by jstuebing » Sat May 28, 2016 5:56 pm

Thanks for the report! I will be taking my boat to bayview monday probably and will be on the hunt for any lingering crappies and if that fails try for pike - seagull island is to the right of the channel right coming in from the lake?

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